March 23, 2023

PM Narendra Modi and Anthony Albanese bilateral meeting raise issue of Temple Attacks Australia assured Indian Diaspora’s Safety

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The teams will be in regular touch and cooperate as much as possible on the matter of attacks on temples
Bilateral meeting between the PMs of the two countries at Hyderabad House
The issue was raised with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

New Delhi. Hindu temples have been continuously targeted in Australia. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised this matter while addressing a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Friday. PM Modi strongly condemned the targeting of temples in Australia.

PM Modi said that he has seen reports of attacks on Hindu temples in Australia. The matter has been conveyed to Australian PM Anthony Albanese. He has assured that the safety and well-being of the Indian community in Australia is a priority for him. He said that the teams will be in regular touch on this matter and will cooperate as much as possible.

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PM Modi said that the issue was raised with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese during their bilateral meeting at Hyderabad House. At least 3 temples in Melbourne were targeted by Khalistan supporters in the month of January. Khalistan supporters vandalized the premises and wrote anti-India slogans on the walls of the temples and also vandalized the idols.

The victims of the latest attack were officials of the Sri Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Brisbane’s Burbank suburb. The walls of Shri Lakshmi Narayan Temple were defaced with anti-India and anti-Hindu graffiti. All this was allegedly done by Khalistani activists.

Meanwhile, pro-Khalistan activists targeted three temples in the Melbourne area in January, causing tension among Indian expatriates. The BAPS Shree Swaminarayan Temple in Melbourne’s Mill Park was first vandalized on 12 January, the Shree Shiv Vishnu Temple in Carrom Downs was vandalized on 16 January and the wall of the ISKCON temple in Melbourne was vandalized on 23 January with “Khalistan Zindabad” was defaced with graffiti.

Khalistani separatists had announced whether Punjab should remain a part of India or not? After the announcement of holding a referendum on this, the tension within the Indian diaspora had further increased. A move that irked members of the Indian diaspora.

On the day of the referendum, the Indian diaspora members decided to peacefully protest against the demand. But when they gathered in Melbourne’s Federation Square on 29 January, they were attacked by Khalistan supporters.

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