March 23, 2023

PHOTOS: These 3 weapons of Ukraine gave immense pain to Russia, are equipped with advanced technology, create havoc in a moment

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Russia-Ukraine War: Russia-Ukraine war has completed 1 year. The war between the two countries is still going on. Missiles are still raining heavily on the land of Ukraine, but Ukraine is able to face Russia easily because of its many advanced weapons. At the same time, it is believed that the number of casualties in both the countries is about 3 lakhs. In the initial months, Russia wreaked havoc in the capital city of Kiev and Kharkiv to terrorize Ukraine, several thousand civilian casualties were caused by missile strikes in Ukraine. Russian President Putin ordered mobilization in September last year, for which 3 lakh soldiers were to be called for war. President Putin has threatened a nuclear attack on the West for interfering in the Russia-Ukraine issue.

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