March 21, 2023

Philippines: Heavy rain due to storm ‘Nalge’, 47 killed, dozens feared missing

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At least 42 people were washed away, drowned or covered by debris in flood waters in 3 cities.
While 5 others died due to Tropical Storm Nalge.
The landslide engulfed dozens of houses with over 60 people in Kuseong, a tribal village.

Manila. At least 47 people have died in flash floods and landslides triggered by torrential rains in the Philippines. Apart from this, more than 60 villagers are reported missing in the southern state of the Philippines. It is feared that these people got buried in the landslide after heavy rains. Naguib Sinarimbo, the interior minister of the Muslim Autonomous Region of the five provinces run by former separatist guerrillas, said at least 42 people were washed away and drowned or crushed by rubble in three towns in Maguindanao province from Thursday night to early Friday. came in.

The government’s disaster-response agency said five other people were killed in Tropical Storm Nalge, which hit the eastern province of Kemerin Sur early Saturday. But the worst effect of the storm so far has been heavy rain. Due to which there were floods and landslides at many places. The landslide engulfed dozens of houses with over 60 people in Kuseong, a tribal village. On Friday, rescue workers recovered 11 bodies, mostly children, in Kusiang. Minister Naguib Sinarimbo said heavy equipment, including the army, police and volunteers, had been deployed to speed up search and rescue operations.

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From the disaster-affected area, the army with the help of local disaster teams has launched an operation to rescue the people trapped in the flood. The army is taking the displaced in their trucks to relief camps. Unusually heavy rains have flooded Maguindanao and several provinces. The floodwaters rose rapidly in several low-lying villages, forcing some residents to climb onto their roofs. From where he was rescued by army personnel, police and volunteers. Due to stormy weather in a large part of the country, the Coast Guard was banned from traveling in dangerous seas. Many domestic flights have also been canceled in the Philippines due to bad weather, leaving thousands of passengers stranded.

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