March 23, 2023

Passport of those doing anti-India activities in Canada should be cancelled, priest appeals

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Anti-India slogans written in Canada’s famous temple
The priest of the Hindu temple appealed to the Government of India
Said- passport of those who do anti-India activities should be canceled

Toronto. The founder and priest of the Gauri Shankar Temple in Brampton, Canada, on Tuesday appealed to the Government of India to cancel the passports of those involved in anti-India activities in Canada. Dhirendra Tripathi, who has been living in Brampton city for two decades, has demanded the Canadian authorities to take strict action against those who vandalized the temple on Monday and wrote anti-India messages on its walls, as these The activities have angered the Indian community. Tripathi said that the incident of vandalism in Gauri Shankar temple was carried out by anti-social elements on Monday night.

The priest told that there are no cameras installed on the road on which the temple is located. He told ‘PTI-Bhasha’, ‘We demand the Government of India to consider canceling the passport of Indians involved in anti-India activities and not giving visa to those holding Canadian passport so that they can never return to India. ‘ Tripathi said, ‘Khalistanis have created an atmosphere of fear within us. His morale has increased and the community is in a state of uncertainty about his next course of action. Canadian authorities should take strict steps to stop their activities.

Sentiments of Indian community hurt, Canadian officials engaged in investigation
The Consulate General of India in Toronto said that the defacement of the walls of the temple has hurt the sentiments of the Indian community living in Canada. “We have conveyed our concerns to the Canadian authorities,” the Consulate General said in a statement on Tuesday. Canadian authorities are investigating the vandalism, which is not an isolated incident. At least three similar cases have been reported in Canada in the past seven months. Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown condemned the incident, saying, ‘This hateful act of vandalism has no place in our city or country. I have conveyed my concerns about this hate crime to Peel Regional Police Chief Nishan Duraippah. Everyone deserves to feel safe at their places of worship.

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