March 27, 2023

Passenger urinated on the flight itself, the airlines gave a stern warning; uproar

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Viral News: Many people do not stop their antics. Something similar was seen in a flight. A person put all the shame on the flight and urinated in front of everyone. The incident happened on a flight from Bali to Brisbane. The man was given a stern warning after the incident. It is being said that this person is from New Zealand.

According to Australian media News 9, 72-year-old James Hughes was flying back from Indonesia on Wednesday afternoon. During this, he urinated on the floor while sitting on his seat. When his plane landed, Australian authorities issued him a notice for public disorderly behavior. He was later produced before a magistrate.

What did the police say?
Police claimed that the 72-year-old had drank “several small bottles of liquor during the flight”. And after that it urinated on the floor of the plane. According to news agency AFP, the man confessed to his crime in Brisbane Magistrates’ Court. He was later signed a bound for good behavior for 12 months. Brisbane Airport Police Commander Superintendent Mark Colbran said there was no excuse for “outrageous” behavior.

warning received
AFP airport police commander at Brisbane airport, Superintendent Mark Colbran, said any anti-social or illegal behavior is unacceptable and AFP will not tolerate it at airports in Australia. He said, “AFP expects passengers to have a responsibility when consuming alcohol – families and other passengers have a right to feel safe and especially not to create a mid-flight commotion, which is a threat to the safety of the flight and passengers.” There could be serious consequences.

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