March 27, 2023

Passenger bites cabin crew’s finger in flight; The ship had to undergo an emergency landing; watch fight video

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Viral Video: Many times on a flight, passengers argue with the cabin crew about something. But have you ever heard that this debate turns into a fight and the flight has to make an emergency landing. Probably not… but a similar case was seen in Turkish Airlines. A passenger cut off the finger of a staff during a fight. The whole incident was caught on camera. And now this video is going viral on social media.

This Turkish Airlines flight was going from Istanbul to Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. But due to the quarrel, it had to make an emergency landing at Kuala Namu International Airport. According to the British newspaper The Daily Star, the name of this person who quarreled in the flight is Muhammad John Jazz Boudwijn. According to reports, he himself is a pilot of Indonesian Airlines Batik Air.

How did the fight start?
Now let’s talk about this viral video. It is being said that this passenger who quarreled was drunk. He was making a ruckus in the flight. In such a situation, a member of the airline’s staff asked him to remain calm and warned him. Then suddenly he cut his finger. Then he started punching the cabin crew. After this, fighting started from both the sides.

taken off the plane
The BoudVision was de-boarded at Kuala Namu Airport, before leaving for its final destination in Jakarta. A passenger said that he saw the man throwing a water bottle at the attendant. Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports that Boudwijn suffered injuries after the incident.
He is undergoing treatment at the Kuala Namu Health Clinic.

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