March 21, 2023

Pakistan vs Bangladesh Economy- ‘Do Takke’ became a joke, ‘Bangladesh’ overtook Pakistan, GDP better than Pakistan, know how it all happened

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Inflation recorded much less in Bangladesh as compared to Pakistan
Foreign exchange reserves with Pakistan are not more than just three weeks
96% of households in Bangladesh have electricity while in Pakistan it is 75%

Dhaka. India’s two neighboring countries Pakistan and Bangladesh are extremely backward in terms of Foreign Exchange Reserves. The alarm of India’s economy is ringing all over the world. India remains at the fifth position in the world in this matter. On the other hand, the neighboring countries are extremely backward in terms of economy. Especially talking about Pakistan, it is facing a huge economic crisis due to its failed policies and terror.

On the other hand, Bangladesh economy, which was known as East Pakistan till 1971, remains in a better condition than Pakistan. To be fair, despite the economic difficulties, the GDP of Bangladesh remains better than that of Pakistan. And compared to Pakistan, inflation has also been recorded very less in Bangladesh. The Taka of Bangladesh is now in a stronger position than the Rupee of Pakistan.

According to experts, in the Indo-Pak war of 1971, when East Pakistan came into existence as a separate country in the form of Bangladesh, at that time no one believed that this country would go ahead. . Today Pakistan is complaining about bread and Bangladesh is sitting for a lot of Foreign Exchange Reserves. Pakistan does not have this stock for more than three weeks only. It is only 3.67 billion dollars. On the other hand, Bangladesh’s foreign exchange reserves are currently $34 billion. Talking about the population of Pakistan, it is 225 lakh while the population of Bangladesh is 166 lakh. Life expectancy in Bangladesh is 73 years while in Pakistan it is 67 years. In Bangladesh, 96 percent of people have electricity in their homes, while in Pakistan this figure is 75 percent.

Meanwhile, the long-running Russia-Ukraine war is creating economic difficulties for Bangladesh. Despite this, it has remained in a better economic condition than its neighboring country Pakistan even during this crisis. The surprising thing is that in the 1990s, Pakistan used to compare itself with India.

Indo-Pak were once on par in economic strength
It was believed that many possibilities present in this country can bring it to the level of India. Many things were also said about the progress of these two South Asian countries. The GDP of both the countries was the same and the figures of economic strength of both were almost similar. The Indian Rupee was in a strong position.

Pakistan, which equals India, is now even behind Bangladesh
But this scene changed within just two decades. Now it would be pointless to compare Pakistan with India. The surprising thing is that Pakistan, which is equal to India, has now gone behind even Bangladesh, which was once a part of it. Today Bangladesh is giving a tough competition to Pakistan in terms of economy. A major reason behind this is also believed to be its better relations with India. PM Narendra Modi himself has also been visiting Bangladesh.

Bangladesh’s ‘taka’ getting stronger since 2008, Pakistan’s rupee weak
On the poor economic condition of Pakistan and the improved condition of Bangladesh, experts believe that once upon a time jokes were made about Bangladesh’s vaccine. But the strength of that vaccine has worsened the condition of Pakistan. Since the year 2008, the ‘taka’ of Bangladesh was getting stronger and the rupee of Pakistan was getting weaker.

Bangladesh was becoming the choice of investors as compared to Pakistan. Pakistan is infamous in the world because of its nefarious activities and terrorism. Not only this, Germany’s largest textile company is also giving advice to Pakistan. Is advising to increase the standards of security on the lines of Bangladesh, so that textile exports can be increased.

Bangladesh is ahead of Pakistan even in terms of per capita income.
According to World Bank data, since 1971, Bangladesh’s GDP has increased from $ 8.75 billion to $ 416 billion in the year 2021. On the other hand, if we talk about Pakistan, in the year 2021, its GDP was at $ 346 billion. In the year 1971, this figure was 10.67 billion dollars. But the per capita income of Bangladesh is $2503 and that of Pakistan is $1538. This is about 60 percent more than in Pakistan.

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