March 27, 2023

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s daughter Ju Ae can be the next leader

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It was the first time that the dictator’s daughter was seen at a non-military event
Speculation has been rife that the dictator is grooming his daughter as his successor.
The world saw Xu Ai for the first time in November last year

Pyongyang, Questions have often been raised about the successor of the world’s most dangerous dictator Kim Jong Un. Now in many media reports, claims are being made to solve this question by linking the events of the past few days. With the past many events, the chances of Kim Jong Un’s daughter sitting on the throne have increased. Now the North Korean dictator was seen enjoying a sporting event with his daughter, which was also attended by government officials. According to the news agency Reuters report, this was the first time that the dictator’s daughter was seen in a non-military event.

The news agency further reported that recently, Kim’s daughter was spotted at a military event, leading to speculation that the dictator is grooming her as his successor. Kim Jong Un’s daughter has been described by state media as Kim’s “beloved child” and has been seen with her father at several military events.

At the same time, in the name of the dictator’s daughter, South Korean intelligence officials believe that her name is Ju Ae. The name was also confirmed by former American basketball player Dennis Rodman, who spent time with Kim’s family in 2013. The world saw Xu Ai for the first time in November last year. It can be seen in the pictures that Kim is walking in front of a huge black-and-white missile holding Joo-ae’s hand.

In state media photos, Xu Ae is seen standing next to her father and in the middle of officials. A researcher at South Korea’s Sejong Institute told AFP news agency that Kim’s daughter has been named as the de facto heir, even though she does not yet have official heir status. This suggests that Kim Joo Ae may become the supreme commander of the army in future.

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