March 21, 2023

North korean leader kim jong un brings daughter kim ju ae to soccer match preparing to rule the country

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Dictator Kim Jong arrived with his 10-year-old daughter to watch the football match
Kim Jong-un attended the match to celebrate his late father’s birthday
Kim Jong’s daughter has appeared in public 6 times in the past

Seoul: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is in a lot of discussion about his daughter. It is being speculated all over the world that he is already preparing his daughter to rule the country. On Friday, Kim Jong appeared in a football match with his daughter. He had arrived at a football match to celebrate his late father’s birthday.

The event was to celebrate the birthday of Kim Jong Il, the country’s former leader and Kim’s father. According to the AP report, the match was taking place between the team of the Ministry of Defense and the cabinet employees. In which the team of Ministry of Defense wins the match by 3-1 and after that also defeats the cabinet employees in tug of war. Independent journalists were not allowed to cover the event, so there was not much information about which stadium the match was in. Photos published by North Korea’s official Rodong Sinmun newspaper show Kim and his daughter smiling and clapping from VIP seats, where they sit among senior government and military officials.

According to the report of the news agency AP, the name of Kim Jong’s 10-year-old daughter is Kim Ju Ae. This name came into limelight since November last year when Kim Jong brought his daughter during the missile test. She then accompanied her father to a huge military parade in the capital Pyongyang last week, when soldiers displayed more than a dozen ICBMs. In total, Kim Jong’s daughter appeared in public 6 times.

PHOTOS: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appeared in public with his daughter for the first time, showed missile test

Analysts say Kim Joo Ae’s presence at major events involving the country’s military is her father’s way of reminding the world that he will never voluntarily surrender his nuclear weapons and missiles. He is clearly consolidating his existence and the extension of his family i.e. his dynastic rule.

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