March 28, 2023

North Korea will not stop doing missile tests even after the ban; Dictator Kim Jong Un’s sister’s threat!

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Dictator Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong gave a big statement regarding the missile test.
North Korea said on Tuesday that additional sanctions would not stop its missile program.
Why are we afraid of the sanctions we have seen again and again – Kim Yo Jong

Seoul. North Korea has been in constant headlines for its missile tests. Once again it has defied international sanctions regarding missile testing. North Korea said on Tuesday that additional sanctions would not stop its missile program. Criticizing South Korea, North Korea has said this through its official media KCNA.

According to news agency Reuters, Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, commented in a statement given by the official KCNA news agency that such development is directly related to the country’s security. Jong further said that South Korea will once again cry for international cooperation and will try hard to impose additional sanctions on us.

Yo Jong further said in his statement that with our right to existence and development being threatened, why are we afraid of the restrictions that we have seen again and again till now. It’s not even the first time, and why would we stop? Jong’s statement comes days after Pyongyang launched two intermediate-range ballistic missiles. It may be known that only yesterday, North Korea had claimed that it had tested an ‘important and final stage’ of the spy satellite. Which he will complete by April of 2023.

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Significantly, there is an international ban on North Korea regarding missile testing. Even after this, under the leadership of dictator Kim Jong Un, North Korea has conducted an unprecedented number of missile tests this year. It also includes the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), which is very important for North Korea. It has been designed by North Korea to reach the US mainland, defying international sanctions.

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