March 25, 2023

North korea kim jong uns sister kim yo jong warns of turning pacific ocean into firing range after launching intercontinental ballistic missile warning to south korea

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North Korea has fired two more short range ballistic missiles within 48 hours
Dictator’s sister warns of turning Pacific Ocean into ‘firing range’

Pyongyang: North Korea has fired two more short range ballistic missiles within 48 hours. Kim Yo Jong, sister of dictator Kim Jong Un, has warned of turning the Pacific Ocean into a ‘firing range’ after launching an ICBM. Earlier on Saturday, North Korea fired a ballistic missile from its east coast towards the sea. North Korea itself said on Sunday that it had tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) as a warning to Washington and Seoul.

South Korea’s military said it detected the launch of two short-range ballistic missiles fired from Sukhon areas in South Pyongan province, reports AFP news agency. Japan has also confirmed the launch, as well as the Prime Minister’s Office of Japan has issued an alert and the Coast Guard has been entrusted with the responsibility on several projectiles. North Korea issued its own statement saying, “It fired two shots using 600 mm multiple rocket launchers.”

North Korea Missile Test: Again dictator Kim Jong, fired another ballistic missile, warned America and South Korea

Dictator Kim Jong Un ordered a “sudden launching drill” at 8 am on Saturday. During this, the Hwasong-15 missile was tested for the first time after 2017. According to North Korea’s KCNA, this missile was fired from Pyongyang airport. Japan also said that the missile flew over the economic zone for 66 minutes, with their analysts indicating that it was capable of reaching the mainland United States. Dictator Kim Jong had ordered his army to expand war exercises and strengthen war preparations earlier this month. Since then, the reason for this was believed to be the deepening tension with America.

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