March 28, 2023

North Korea is trying to scare South Korea, 250 shells fired on the border, firing fiercely

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Seoul. North Korea fired shells on the maritime border with South Korea late on Tuesday. The move comes at a time when South Korea began annual military exercises a day earlier to better deal with North Korea’s provocations. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that North Korea fired about 100 shells on its west coast and 150 on its east coast.

He said the South Korean military had sent several messages asking North Korea to stop shelling. However, there is no report of violence between the two enemy countries. The South Korean military said that the shells did not fall in the sea area of ​​​​South Korea, but within the maritime buffer zone. Let us inform that earlier on Friday, North Korea had fired another ballistic missile and 170 rounds of ammunition in the direction of the sea. It also flew warplanes near the tense border with South Korea, adding to tensions in the region following recent North Korean weapons tests.

North Korea’s move suggests that it is trying its old trick of showing fear of war by testing weapons to get concessions from opponents. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a statement saying that a short-range ballistic missile fired from the North Korean capital Pyongyang at 1:49 am local time on Friday, landed in the country’s eastern sea area. This is North Korea’s 15th missile launch since resuming weapons testing activities on September 25.

North Korea said on Monday that its recently tested missiles were capable of carrying out nuclear strikes on South Korean and US targets. It said the tests were a response to “dangerous” military exercises conducted in the region by the US and South Korea through a US aircraft carrier. According to reports, after the recent missile test, North Korea fired 130 rounds from its west coast and 40 rounds from the east coast.


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