March 27, 2023

North Korea is not coming from its antics, once again fired ballistic missile

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North Korea has once again fired a ballistic missile after firing a record 23 missiles in one day.
South Korea’s military says a ballistic missile was fired from the east coast
During one such launch last week, the missile came down close to South Korean waters.

Seoul, North Korea, stunned by the maneuvers of South Korea and America, has once again fired a ballistic missile after firing a record 23 missiles in a day. The news agency Reuters quoted the South Korean military as saying that North Korea has fired a ballistic missile from its east coast. However, information related to the projectile and range of the launch has not been made available yet. According to the report, South Korea and Japan are constantly monitoring the antics of North Korea.

Missile fell near South Korean waters
Earlier last week, during one such launch, the missile had fallen close to South Korean waters. Tension between the two countries escalated after a North Korean missile fell close to South Korean waters. Responding to North Korea, South Korea also fired three missiles one after the other and made it clear that it too is not going to bow down. According to the Korean News Agency, this missile was fired as a response after North Korea fired a dozen missiles. Earlier, North Korea threatened to use nuclear weapons to make both countries “pay the most terrible price in history” after witnessing the maneuvers of South Korea and the US.

Japan to deploy hypersonic missile
Troubled by North Korea’s persistent missile terror, Japan has now decided to deploy a very advanced hypersonic missile to respond to it. Asia’s news agency Nikkei Business Daily reported on Thursday that Japan’s Defense Ministry is considering the deployment of hypersonic missiles by 2030. Japan’s defense ministry is pushing to increase counterforce capabilities to counter the global security environment and threats from North Korea by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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