March 28, 2023

North Korea gives gruesome death to 2 high school students, punished for watching American film

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Seoul. North Korea executed two high school students for watching South Korean and American films. This has been claimed in a report. Viewing or distributing Korean dramas, known as K-drama, is strictly prohibited in North Korea. According to The Independent, the two boys, aged 16 and 17, met in October at a school in North Korea’s Ryanggang province and watched several South Korean and American drama shows together.

According to the news published in The Mirror, two teenagers were killed in front of the locals at an airfield in the city. The incident took place in October, but the murders came to light only last week. The government said the crimes committed by the two boys were ‘horrific’, so they were executed in front of horrified locals, so that they could see Others also got a lesson.

Last year, North Korea declared 11 days of mourning on the death anniversary of Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong Il. During this period, citizens were not allowed to laugh, shop or drink. In 2020, the government banned foreign information and influence as part of its crackdown on Korean shows becoming popular in the country.

Significantly, despite strict bans in North Korea, South Korean shows are smuggled out on flash drives and watched behind closed doors to avoid fines, imprisonment, or worse, death.

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