March 27, 2023

North Korea fires ‘ballistic missile’ hours after warning US, Seoul confirms

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Seoul: South Korea’s military said on Thursday that North Korea fired an ‘unidentified ballistic missile’. The latest missile firing came hours after Pyongyang warned the US and its regional allies of a “harsh” military response. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a statement saying, “North Korea fired an unknown ballistic missile into the East Sea.” This region is also known as the Sea of ​​Japan. North Korea had said in an official statement on Thursday itself, ‘The US, together with its allies, is trying to increase its security presence in the region, in response to which Pyongyang will also take ‘harsh military action’. Washington is ‘taking a gamble it will regret’.

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North Korea’s Foreign Minister Cho Son Hui criticized the recent trilateral summit between the United States, South Korea and Japan and warned that the recent US–South Korea–Japan summit agreement on North Korea would affect the Korean peninsula. But the tension will increase more. Cho’s statement was North Korea’s first official response to President Joe Biden’s trilateral summit with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts in Cambodia on Sunday. In their joint statement, the three leaders strongly condemned North Korea’s recent missile tests and agreed to work together to strengthen deterrence. Joe Biden reaffirmed the US commitment to defend South Korea and Japan with full capability, including nuclear weapons.

Cho Son Hui said that the US-South Korea-Japan summit would bring the situation on the Korean Peninsula to a more unpredictable phase. He did not specify what steps North Korea might take, but said the US would be well aware that it was a gamble it would surely regret. Let us tell you that North Korea is strongly maintaining its recent weapons testing activities. America, Japan and South Korea have been continuously making statements by registering protests against this. A week ago, North Korea fired a ballistic missile in the East Sea. On this, America issued a statement saying that North Korea is trying to supply weapons to Russia. In the past also, it has been claimed by the US that Russia is facing shortage of missiles in the Ukraine war and has sought cooperation from North Korea.

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