March 21, 2023

Nilgai terror in rampur shahbad and milak area farmers crop getting ruined

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Report: Abhishek Sharma
Rampur : These days terror of Nilgai is being seen in Rampur district. A large number of Nilgai are causing damage to wheat, mustard and pulses, oilseed crops. The farmer is taking care of his crops throughout the day. Apart from this, he is struggling to save his crop even in the nights. But due to the terror of Nilgai, the faces of the farmers have withered and they look desperate and upset. He wants the administration to help him, but at present no assurance has been received from the administration.

There are dozens of villages on the banks of the Ramganga river and near the Kosi river in Milak and Shahabad areas of Rampur, where special terror of Nilgai is being seen. Here Nilgai is harming wheat, mustard, gram, peas and all other crops.

Farmers are pleading with Yogi government
Talking to News 18 Local, the farmers said that they are frustrated and frustrated with the terror of Nilgai, they have to guard their fields day and night, yet the terror of Nilgai continues. On losing sight of the slightest sight, the whole herd comes to the fields and goes away after ruining the crops. Due to which the farmer is getting completely ruined.

When there will be no crop then how will the cost of production be met. At the same time, farmers are also pleading with the Yogi government to save their crops. According to the farmers, there are hundreds of Nilgai in the area from Rampur to Shahabad. The district administration is not taking any action. Along with this, no arrangement has been made to catch these Nilgai.

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