March 21, 2023

Nigeria Bomb Blast: More than 50 dead in Nigeria bomb blast, many people injured, heavy tension

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More than 50 killed in bomb blast in central Nigeria
The injured were admitted to the hospital, where the condition of many is critical.
The perpetrators of the bomb blasts are yet to be traced

New Delhi. More than 50 people died tragically in a bomb blast in central Nigeria, while many were injured. The region is already known for ethnic and religious tensions. The incident took place on Tuesday night between Nasarawa and Benue states in north central Nigeria. According to Reuters, several incidents of ethnic reprisals have come to light in central Nigeria, known as the Middle Belt. Due to the conflict between the shepherds and the farmers, many cases of violence have come to the fore. Earlier there was news that 27 shepherds had died in the bomb blast. But a Reuters report said that 54 people died on the spot in the bomb blast while many others were injured. The death toll in the blast may still rise.

many people burnt alive
Regarding the incident, the local officials said that it is not yet known who is involved in the bomb blast. The round of meetings of security agencies is going on continuously. Officials are trying to reduce tension at the local level after the incident. There are always reports of violence from the area where the bomb blast took place.

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Officials said that the explosion was very painful. Many people were burnt alive in this. The injured have been admitted to hospital. Where the condition of many remains critical. It was told that the death toll could increase further. At present, the security agencies are engaged in the investigation regarding the bomb blast.

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