March 27, 2023

‘Never committed any murder, only…’, claims serial killer Charles Sobhraj, talks to media for the first time after release

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Serial killer Charles Sobhraj confessed that he stole passports of 150 people.
Sobhraj denied that he had killed any person.
Sobhraj spoke to the media for the first time after his release from Nepal’s jail.

Paris. Charles Sobhraj, considered one of the world’s most notorious serial killers, confessed that he had stolen passports of at least 150 people in his life. He also accepted the point of taking drugs, but vehemently denied that he had murdered any person. Charles Sobhraj claimed that ‘I have not murdered anyone and I will prove it’. 78-year-old Frenchman Charles Sobhraj, dubbed ‘The Serpent’ in the world of crime, has made these sensational claims in his media interaction for the first time after his release from jail in Nepal.

Responding to media questions in Paris, Charles Sobhraj denied his own responsibility for the killings of mainly Western tourists in some countries, including Thailand and India, during the 1970s. Charles Sobhraj from the French website Le Monde said that ‘I have used some stolen passports, but I have never murdered anyone and I will prove it. Right now I am running here and there and trying to get my papers in order.

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Significantly, French national and serial killer Charles Sobhraj was held responsible for several murders across Asia in the 1970s. He was released on 23 December after spending almost 20 years in Nepali jail. Complaining that he does not yet have a card for free health care, Sobhraj said that ‘you have to prove that you have lived in France for three consecutive months and till then, I do not even have a social security number’. Regarding his crimes, Charles Sobhraj told that while working as a jeweler, he always tried to cheat and rob tourists and businessmen in South Asia. Shobhraj said that he used to make people unconscious by putting a medicine in their drinks. After this he used to loot money and other things.

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