March 21, 2023

NATO will attack Russia? Big announcement by US President Joe Biden

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NATO LE’s ‘secret’ meeting, official gave big hints
Russo-Ukraine war at a dangerous juncture due to fear of nuclear attack
US President Joe Biden has also made a big announcement

Brussels, For the first time since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats, NATO has made a big statement about sending its army to war. A senior NATO official said on Wednesday that a Russian nuclear attack would change the course of the conflict, according to a Reuters news agency report, in which NATO could also attack Russia. The official told a meeting of NATO’s nuclear planning group on Thursday that the consequences of any use of nuclear weapons by Moscow would be extremely damaging to Russia.

A NATO official said that a nuclear attack by Moscow could certainly compel NATO, including many of Ukraine’s allies, to take military action. He said Moscow is still using its nuclear threats mainly to prevent NATO and other countries from entering its war directly with Ukraine. According to the report, Russia has suffered extensive losses in more than 7 months since its invasion of Ukraine, due to which it had to retreat on several fronts last month.

America also warned
US President Joe Biden said that the US is ready to respond if Russian President Vladimir Putin uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Biden simply said, ‘The Pentagon does not need to ask.’ During an interview with CNN, Biden said that the US has exhausted all possible scenarios in the Ukraine war, including the use of nuclear weapons. Biden indicated that the US would launch a strong attack in the event of a Russian nuclear attack.

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