March 28, 2023

Mysterious death of another russian officer marina yankina died after falling 160 feet building window

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Yankina had fallen 160 feet and died on the spot.
Russian investigative agency has opened an investigation regarding the mysterious fall.
Yankina’s personal belongings were found on the 16th floor of the building.

moscow, In Russia, a high-ranking Russian defense official died after falling from a building window. DailyMail reported that a high-ranking Russian defense official has died after falling from a building window in St. Petersburg. Marina Yankina, who headed the Russian Defense Ministry’s financial support department for the Eastern Military District, was found dead at the entrance of a house on Zamshina Street in St Petersburg.

According to the report, Yankina had fallen 160 feet, due to which she died on the spot. According to news reports, she was a key figure in the financing of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. The DailyMail reported that the Russian Investigation Agency and the press service of the Western Military District ‘Fontanka’ have confirmed Yankina’s death and have opened an investigation into her mysterious fall. Yankina’s personal belongings were found on the 16th floor of the building. Citing media outlet ‘Mash on Moika’, the news report said that Yankina had called her ex-husband and informed him of what she intended to do.

Media outlet ‘Mash on Moika’ said Yankina told her ex-husband what she was going to do, where she would leave things and also asked to call the police. Minutes after the call, she was found dead. Prior to joining the Western Military Region, Yankina served in the Federal Tax Service and also served as deputy chairman of the Property Relations Committee of St. Petersburg. She is believed to have been at the center of efforts to consolidate funding for the war launched by Russia on 24 February. Marina Yankina is the latest of many Russians to die during the war between Russia and Ukraine. His death comes days after Major General Vladimir Makarov, a Russian general who was recently fired by Russian President Vladimir Putin, was found dead in a suspected suicide.

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