March 23, 2023

Multiple rocket launchers and howitzers… Germany will continue to help Ukraine, will provide weapons for air defense

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German President Steinmeier visits Kyiv
Will give 2 multiple rocket launchers and 4 howitzers for air defense
Steinmeier’s first visit since the Russian invasion on February 24

Kyiv. Germany has decided to give arms to Ukraine after the attack by Russian missiles. Berlin will supply air defense systems to Ukraine. German President Steinmeier said after meeting with Zelensky that he would continue to supply air defense systems to Ukraine. Germany will provide Ukraine with two MARS (MARS II/MLRS) multiple rocket launchers and 4 howitzers.

According to the German news website DW, it was Steinmeier’s first visit to Ukraine since the Russian invasion on February 24. During his visit, he said, ‘My message to the Ukrainians is that we stand not only with you. Rather, we will continue to support Ukraine economically, politically and militarily. He further said that ‘how sad it is, how much destruction. People in Ukraine need us.

The Mars (MLRS) medium artillery rocket system has been in use in Germany since 1990. While Mars can fire different types of ammunition at different targets at a range of 10 to 40 kms, the howitzer cannon is capable of hitting up to 40 kms. The howitzer has a thicker barrel and is usually a large-range weapon between an artillery gun with smaller, high-velocity shells fired on a flat trajectory.

Let us tell you that Ukraine has got many rocket launchers made by German and America. For this, the Kyiv allies had promised Zelensky that they would deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine so that the Ukrainian army could fight firmly.

After Kyiv had earlier said it needed 1,000 howitzers, 500 tanks and 1,000 drones along with other heavy weapons to repel Russian troops, Germany delivered two more Mars II multiple rocket launchers, including 200 rockets, to Ukraine. and had previously delivered three MARS IIs, the German version of the US-built M270 multiple launch rocket system. (with input from Reuters)

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