March 23, 2023

More than 70 thousand cases of monkeypox in the world, US is in bad condition, WHO warns

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Globally the number of cases is now above 70,000
26 people died of monkeypox so far
21 countries registered an increase in cases in the last week

Geneva. The cases of monkeypox are increasing continuously. Globally, the number of cases has now exceeded 70,000. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Wednesday that the decline in new cases does not mean that people should give up on measures to prevent monkeypox. WHO said that the number of cases in America is increasing. The organization stressed that while the world is seeing a decrease in fresh cases, this could be the most dangerous time for the monkeypox wave to break.

According to AFP, WHO chief Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus said that this year more than 70,000 cases of monkeypox have been reported to the United Nations health agency. So far 26 people have died due to this. At a news conference in Geneva, he said cases globally continued to decline, but in the past week 21 countries have registered an increase in cases. This increase has been seen mostly in the US, which was about 90 percent of all cases reported last week.

He further said that a drop in cases could be dangerous for a wave of monkeypox, as we tend to think that the crisis is over. And we start ignoring the measures to be adopted for security. He said that WHO is working with affected countries to increase testing capacity for monkeypox and monitor the number of cases. He further said that like Kovid-19, monkeypox also remains a public health emergency for the global community.

America badly affected
America is currently the most affected by monkeypox, followed by Europe. There have been 25,000 cases of infection in Europe. The United States (26,723) among the 10 countries with the most cases; Brazil (8,147); Spain (7,209); France (4,043); Britain (3,654); Germany (3,640); Peru (2,587); Colombia (2,453); Mexico (1,968); and Canada (1,400).

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