March 28, 2023

Mom pregnant with stepson physical relation cheating husband mother stepson marries

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Mother-son relationship is considered the most sacred in the world. Even if that relationship is real or step brother. But in the changing environment, many such surprising news comes to the fore, knowing about which one gets shocked. Many such incidents have come to the fore in the last few years. Somewhere in these, a real mother married her son, and sometimes the grandfather and granddaughter got married among themselves. Today we are going to tell you about one such incident, when a social media influencer fell so madly in love with her 15-year-old stepson that she even left her husband. She became pregnant even before the divorce and gave birth to a baby girl after marriage. She kept cheating on her husband behind his back, but did not even let him know about it.

Senses flew when the woman asked for divorce from her husband. The case is of Russia. Marina Balmasheva, a social media star living there, was married to Alexey Shavyrin in the year 2007 i.e. 16 years ago. However, this was Alexi’s second marriage and he also had a son, Vladimir, who was then 7 years old. Alexey told that as Vladimir grew up, Marina’s behavior started changing. When Vladimir used to come during the university holidays, Marina used to flirt with him. Sexually harasses her. In such a situation, Vladimir also started getting attracted towards Marina. Physical relations were also formed between the two behind their backs and Marina became pregnant.

Instagram sensation Marina decided to leave her husband in love with her stepson. A few days after getting divorced in the year 2020, she surprised her fans by marrying son Vladimir. Not only this, Marina also told that she is going to be the mother of Vladimir’s child. At the moment, Marina and Vladimir have a daughter, who is more than 2 years old. Although, Marina became pregnant again in August 2022, but has not shared any update regarding the child on Insta. On the other hand, Marina’s husband alleges that she trapped my son in her trap. However, Marina and her husband Vladimir (stepson) are very happy with their new life and keep sharing their pictures on social sites. At present Marina is 37 years old and her stepson is 23. At the same time, the age of the first husband is 47 years.

Old photo of Marina with Vladimir. Who could have guessed then that this woman would marry her step son. (Photo-Instagram)

Russian Beauty Marina said that when I told Vladimir about the second pregnancy, he was surprised, but there was also a smile on his face. According to Marina, Vladimir’s eyes are the most beautiful in the world. But many times in social media posts, she also scolds her step-son i.e. new husband by calling him clumsy. Marina, who once worked in Ukraine, said that I am earning a lot from social media. After revealing her relationship with her ex-stepson, Marina said, ‘A lot of people tell me to use make-up, do eyelashes and color hair because of my young husband (who was once a stepson). Are.

According to Marina, ‘Vladimir likes me. He likes the scars he got due to plastic surgery, body fat, everything. Whatever I am, nothing seems better to him. On the other hand, if Marina’s ex-husband Alexey is to be believed, Marina had seduced his son. Alexey says, ‘In front of my eyes she used to put strings on my son. Would go to her bed and have sex. Then she would come in front of me and act as if nothing had happened. However, Marina says that the first marriage was like a drama for me. In such a situation, should I regret that I broke a family? The answer can be yes or no, both.

Marina said, ‘Many times I felt ashamed that I had embarrassed the parent-child relationship. So should I go back to my first husband? Then I think – not at all. I am happy with my new life. My new husband, who was once my stepson, is the best father to his children. Let us tell you that after the first marriage, Marina’s weight had increased a lot, but after hard work, she looks very fit. Marina (marina_balmasheva) has more than 6 lakh followers on Instagram, where she shares pictures with her husband and baby girl.

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