March 28, 2023

Martial law imposed in Russian-occupied Ukraine, President Putin announced

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Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday declared martial law in four regions of Russian-occupied Ukraine and granted additional emergency powers to the heads of all Russian regions. Putin did not immediately specify the steps to be taken under martial law, but said his order would take effect Thursday. In his order, he has given three days time to law enforcement agencies to submit specific proposals.

Russia’s upper house of parliament immediately ratified Putin’s decision to impose martial law in four regions. The draft law indicates that it could include restrictions on travel and public gatherings, stricter censorship and wider powers for law enforcement agencies. Putin also did not give details of the additional powers given to the heads of Russian regions under his order. “In the current situation, I consider it necessary to give additional powers to the heads of all Russian regions,” he said. The Russian leader also ordered the establishment of a coordination committee to enhance dialogue between various government agencies in the wake of the fighting in Ukraine, which he called a “special military operation”.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 19, 2022, 20:05 IST

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