March 27, 2023

Man playing saxophone for 9 hours during brain surgery, tumor operated; watch video

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Rome. In a hospital in Rome, the capital of Italy, doctors have performed a very surprising surgery. Actually a musician here had got a brain tumor. In such a situation, he had to undergo a very complex surgery. The special thing is that during this surgery, this patient remained awake for 9 hours and kept playing the saxophone continuously. The good thing is that the tumor was removed and this surgery was successful. Soon he was discharged from the hospital.

Dr. Christian Brogna, a neurosurgeon and specialist in Awake surgery, told CBS News that the tumor was removed successfully and there was no negative effect on the patient. Brogna was leading a 10-member international team for this surgery.

surgery was very complicated
The doctor said that the tumor was in a very complex area of ​​the brain. Furthermore, the patient is left-handed. So it makes things more complicated because the neural pathways of the brain are much more complex. The doctor said that his patient played the theme song from the 1970 film “Love Story” and the Italian national anthem several times throughout the surgery.

it was necessary for the patient to stay awake
According to the doctors, it was very important that he stay awake during the surgery. In such a situation, during the operation, doctors get a chance to see the different functions of the brain. The patient had earlier told that he was a musician. Then the doctors asked him to play the saxophone.

Music helped in surgery like this
The doctor said, ‘Playing an instrument means you can understand music, which is a higher cognitive function. That means you can interact with equipment, you can coordinate both hands, you can exercise memory, you can count – because music is math – you can test vision because the patient has to To see the equipment, and you can test the way of the patient.’

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