March 21, 2023

Live streamer had to apologize due to a mistake, know what is Deepfake

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Ewing, a Twitch streamer, has apologized during his livestream for deepfake pornography. In his video, Ewing, who streamed the live video, was seen crying. In fact, during his live streaming, Ewing showed Deepfake porn of one of the female Twitch streamers. In his apology video, Ewing (Twitch Stream Ewing Deepfake) said that he clicked on an adult website during live streaming to get the attention of people online. Twitter users have also shared the screenshot of this live stream video of Ewing on Twitter, in which the page of the adult website is visible.

This made matters worse for the women affected, who found out they were only on the deepfake site because of Ewing’s slip-up. Worse yet, the site Ewing was visiting is a lot like OnlyFans. People have to pay to see its content and the page they were on. It was entirely centered around creating deepfakes of famous Twitch streamers. Many of these are friends of Ewing.

Actually, the deepfake website was open in a tab on Ewing’s computer, which people saw during the live stream. After this, when Ewing clicked on it, a deepfake pornographic video of his friend was made. Vice has told in its report that the deepfake creator has removed all the content from his page and has apologised. In it, the producer has claimed that he has stopped making videos. At the same time, on social media, people are demanding from the government regarding Deepfake that strict action should be taken against it.

Deepfake stands for Artificial Intelligence. That is, manipulation of digital media through AI. Using AI, manipulation and editing are done using artificial intelligence in videos, audios and photos. In a way, it is a very real looking digital forgery. That’s why it is named Deepfake.

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