March 27, 2023

Kyiv’s big claim in Russia-Ukraine war, said- 60 Russian soldiers killed in firing, second major action in 1 week

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Russia-Ukraine war is taking a gruesome form
Ukraine claims – killed 60 Russian soldiers
Within 1 week, Ukraine has claimed a major attack on Russia.

Kyiv. Kyiv has made a big claim in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine has said that about 60 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine’s attack this week. Ukraine had claimed yesterday i.e. on Saturday that about 60 Russian soldiers have been killed in the long-range Ukrainian artillery attack. Within four days, for the second time, Ukraine has claimed the casualties of a large number of Russian soldiers in the same incident. The General Staff of the Armed Forces made this claim in a Facebook post.

In a Facebook post, the General Staff of the Armed Forces said that Russia suffered heavy losses on Thursday. The General Staff claimed that the Ukrainian army opened fire on the town of Mikhalka, 40 km south of Kherson. Let us tell you that the Russian army had left this city earlier this month. However, Russia has not yet responded to this claim of Ukraine. Significantly, the US has provided advanced rocket systems to Ukraine which are capable of hitting targets up to 80 km away.

Let us tell you that Ukraine said on Wednesday that 50 Russian soldiers were killed in heavy firing on Tuesday in the village of Deneynyakov, located 70 km from the front line in the eastern province of Luhansk. Since the past, Russia and Ukraine are continuously firing rockets at each other.

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