March 27, 2023

King Cobra found missing from zoo for 6 days, but still out of reach

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Viral News: The King Cobra, which disappeared from a zoo in Sweden, has been traced. It is being said that he is hiding in a nearby building. However, the staff here have not been successful in catching him. Let us tell you that this poisonous and very dangerous snake is missing for the last 6 days. The employees here are afraid that these snakes may not attack any other animal. This snake was brought here only a week ago. So some part of the zoo was closed.

The King Cobra was kept at the Skansen Aquarium in Stockholm. It was being claimed that this snake got out of the way of the heat lamp installed in the ceiling. In a video, this snake was filmed coming out of the roof. After this the area was evacuated.

snake in building
Park said the cobra was in a confined space near the terrarium overnight and staff are now trying to catch it again. According to zoo officials, if the snake had come out of the building, it would not have survived the cold climate. The snake’s official name is Sir Vas (Sir His), but since its escape, it has been named Houdini.

cobra is very dangerous
The king cobra can grow up to 5.5 m (18 ft) long and is mainly found in India, Southeast Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines. According to the zoo’s website, it is home to about 200 exotic species including fish, crocodiles, turtles, lizards, snakes, rats, golden lions, spiders and parrots.

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