March 25, 2023

Kim Jong Un: Crying and drinking all day long, what has happened to North Korean dictator Kim Jong

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The state media did not name the girl while sharing the picture.
shown standing in a white puffer jacket
Was seen in public holding daughter’s hand for the first time

North Korean Kim Jong Un: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un always remains in discussions for one reason or the other. These days his health is not being told well and he is leading an unhealthy life. He is spending most of his time drinking good quality spirits and wine. He has also been staying away from public life for a long time. He turns 39 this week. Now speculations are also being made about him suffering from serious health problems. According to the report published in Mirror, Kim Jong is very worried about his health and is facing the crisis of life.

Seoul-based North Korean academic Dr. Choi Jinwook says that Kim Jong Un is about to be close to 40 years old. Now he is raising new concerns about his personal health and safety. Facing all of them too. He said that I have also heard that he has started drinking a lot and after that he keeps on crying. He feels very lonely and under pressure.

The North Korean dictator has been told by his doctors and wife to cut down on drinking and get more exercise. However, he is clearly ignoring these pleas and carrying on with his daily routine by drinking wine. It’s reported that Kim is so worried about news of his ill health leaking out that he travels with his own toilet on rare trips abroad, to prevent detectives scouring his poo for clues Could Mirror gave this information.

It is said that Kim Jong Un is also very upset due to the leaking of the news of his health deteriorating and is said to be very worried. A great example of this is also that he is rarely going on foreign tours and in such a situation he is also going with himself by arranging his own toilet so that no spy will be able to probe his faeces.

Meanwhile, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is famous for keeping his fund life a secret. But last year, he was seen in public for the first time holding his daughter’s hand.

Although state media has not named the girl, who appeared with the dictator Kim when he appeared for the first time in public for the test of a missile last year. The picture was also shared by the agency, in this picture his daughter is shown standing next to Kim Jong in a white puffer jacket.

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