March 23, 2023

Kim Jong preparing to fight America! 8 lakh citizens of North Korea want to join the army

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Seoul: About 8 lakh citizens in North Korea signed up to join the army to fight the war against America. Rodong Sinmun newspaper of North Korea gave this information on Saturday. The newspaper reported that nearly 800,000 students and workers across the country on Friday alone expressed their willingness to enlist or re-enlist in the military to counter the United States.

According to the report of the news agency Reuters, this claim of North Korea came after launching its Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Thursday in response to the ongoing US-South Korea military exercise. North Korea fired an ICBM into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan on Thursday, hours before South Korea’s president was due to leave for Tokyo for a summit. The North’s ballistic missiles are banned under United Nations Security Council resolutions, but the missile launch drew strong condemnation from governments in Seoul, Washington and Tokyo.

Enmity will end after 12 years, Japan and South Korea become friends again, this fear is the reason behind the decision!

North Korea is continuously testing weapons and it has been threatening South Korea and America. Experts believe that Kim’s weapons tests and threats are aimed at forcing the US to accept the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčNorth Korea as a nuclear power. Diplomacy between Washington and Pyongyang has stalled since 2019. The two sides are at loggerheads over US-led economic sanctions against the North and the North’s nuclear programme. Recently, Kim Yo Jong, sister of dictator Kim Jong Un, warned of turning the Pacific Ocean into a ‘firing range’ after launching an ICBM.

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