March 25, 2023

Kherson: No water, electricity or internet, only enthusiasm in a city liberated from Russian occupation

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The people of Kherson do not have access to electricity, water and internet.
Despite this, there is a cheerful atmosphere in the city.
People say that now they feel free.

Kherson (Ukraine). For the last 8 months, the people of Kherson city of Ukraine were living under Russian occupation. But on Friday, Ukrainian forces entered the city and Russian troops withdrew to the east. The situation in Kherson is very bad at this time. The people of the city do not have the facility of electricity, water and internet connection. But despite this, there is a cheerful atmosphere in the whole city. People say that now they feel free. On Friday, Russia decided to withdraw from Kherson and withdraw from the west bank of the Dnipro River in the strategic southern region. He left the city and surrounding areas to the Ukrainian military.

According to a CNN news, locals climbed onto the roofs of cinema houses and other buildings to put up Ukrainian flags. Wherever Ukrainian soldiers are passing through in the city, the people living there welcome them with cheers. Soldiers are asked to give autographs on the flags. A Ukrainian Special Forces soldier told CNN that his unit was the first to arrive in Kherson. He said that the people of the city who lived so long under Russian occupation in Kherson are the real heroes. Can’t imagine how happy they are right now.

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Notably, Kherson was the only Ukrainian regional capital captured by Russian forces since the February attacks. Ukrainian authorities are working to restore normal life in the city. The head of the regional military administration, Yaroslav Yanushevich, said in a video message on Saturday that the army was clearing landmines. Work is underway to restore normal life in the city. A statement said that around 200 police officers are currently working in the city. The biggest danger is from landmines. The police have advised residents leaving Kherson not to rush back.

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