March 25, 2023

Justice Center Leoben: This is not a five star hotel sir, you will be shocked to know the reality!

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Vienna. On hearing the name of the jail, the air of the biggest criminals becomes tight. Perhaps this is the reason why there is always fear in the minds of people about committing crimes. There is more than one dangerous prison in the world, where death is like suffering hell while alive. But do you know that there are some jails in the world which are known for their luxury? Perhaps if you do not know, then let us tell you that one such prison is ‘Justice Center Leoben’ in Austria, which is known for its grandeur and luxurious ways for the last 18 years.

This prison was designed by the famous architect Joseph Hohensinn, which is located in Leoben, a mountainous region of Austria. Built in the year 204, there is a court in half of this jail. Let us tell you that there is a total accommodation of 205 prisoners in this jail like a five star hotel. Inmates are provided with all the state-of-the-art facilities, including spa, gym, different indoor games and facilities for fulfilling personal hobbies.

13 prisoners can gather together
Generally, inmates are not allowed to gather together in a jail, as this can lead to a situation of dispute and violence. But this is not the case at all in this jail. Here 13 prisoners can gather at one place. If two prisoners want to exchange or share their cells with each other, then there is no prohibition for this also.

Not only the prison building, the cells are also luxurious

Where the jail building gives the feel of a five star hotel, its cells are also as luxurious as the hotel rooms. Each cell here has a separate bathroom, kitchen and a living room. In this, the facility of watching TV is also provided to the prisoners. Apart from this, there is also a full size window in the room, so that the prisoners can see the outside view.

unfortunate prisoners are not kept
Criminals who commit heinous crimes like murder, kidnapping, rape are not kept in this luxurious prison in Austria. Only those prisoners who are serving sentences for minor incidents get a place here. Actually, the purpose behind making this prison luxurious was to provide better facilities to the prisoners who were serving sentences for minor crimes, so that they could think about their crime. After this, when he comes out of jail, he can live a normal life away from crime.

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