March 25, 2023

Joe Biden celebrates Senate victory, says ‘strengthened’ his hand before meeting Jinping

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Celebrating the Senate victory, Biden said that ‘I am getting stronger.’
Biden will attend a meeting of the G20 group leaders on Monday.
Apart from this, he will also meet Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Phnom Penh. US President Joe Biden said he would remain in a strong position during his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday. Because American voters have retained control of the Democratic Party’s Senate by re-election to Katherine Cortez Mesto from Nevada. “I know I’m getting stronger,” Biden said of his meeting with Xi Jinping while celebrating his Senate victory in Cambodia. US President Biden will attend a meeting of the leaders of the G-20 group on Monday. Apart from this, he will also meet Chinese President Xi Jinping.

According to a Bloomberg news report, the two leaders will meet for the first time after Joe Biden became president on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia. Relations between the world’s two largest economies have deteriorated since Biden took office. Including economic competition, human rights issues and rising tensions between China and Taiwan. Biden said that ‘I know Xi Jinping, he knows me. There is very little misunderstanding between us. We just have to find out what are the reasons for the escalation of tension.

Midterm elections: Democratic Party controls US Senate, Republican hopes dashed

Joe Biden was scheduled to meet with the leaders of Japan and South Korea on Sunday. They will discuss dealing with North Korea’s aggressive nuclear and ballistic missile programs as well as China’s increasingly aggressive activities in the Pacific. Biden will attend a meeting with Jinping in Bali on Monday with a promise to avoid worsening relations and reduce the risk of war on Taiwan. But the mood in both Washington and Beijing is only moving towards more confrontation. Tensions are especially high over Taiwan, which China claims as its own.

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