March 27, 2023

Jersey Explosion: 3-storey building debris in fierce explosion on Jersey Island, 3 killed, dozens missing

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3 dead, many missing in explosion on Jersey island
Island chief Christina Moore informed about the accident on Saturday
20 to 30 people were rescued after the blast and 2 injured were admitted to the hospital

London: There has been a huge explosion in an apartment block on the island of Jersey, located off the coast of northern France. A 3-storey building near the port in the island’s capital St Helier completely collapsed. In this accident, 3 people died and about dozens are missing. The island’s Chief Minister Christina Moore informed about the accident on Saturday. The island’s police officers were informed about the incident at around 4:00 a.m. local time.

Jersey is a British Crown Dependency, which has a population of a little over 1 lakh. Robin Smith, Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, told the death toll in a press conference and said that after the explosion, our officers immediately reached the scene and after a lot of effort, the fire was brought under control. Smith further said that the emergency services were busy throughout the night looking for survivors.

The smell of gas was reported to the police by the residents of the area before the explosion. Smith has not yet commented on the cause of the explosion, he says that it will be investigated first, only then something will be clear. Smith said that a 3-storey building located near the port in the island’s capital St Helier has completely collapsed. 20 to 30 people have been pulled out of the debris and two injured have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

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