March 28, 2023

Japan’s Ruby Roman grape became the world’s most expensive fruit, the price was so much that it became a world record

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New Delhi. Eating fruits has always been considered beneficial, but not only Indians but people all over the world buy fruits by looking at their price. In such a situation, your mouth may water about the most expensive fruit in the world, these are juicy grapes which are called Ruby Roman grapes in Japan for their red color. Due to the cost of the fruit, a world record was created and it has been given the title of being the most expensive fruit in the world. Due to the price, it has also got a place in the world record book. In Japan, a bunch of Ruby Roman grapes has been sold at auction in 2020 for $ 12,000 (about Rs 9.76 lakh).

According to the news, the price of each grape in this bunch is about 30 thousand rupees. The Ruby Roman Grapes were sold at a supermarket in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, by the Financial Express. Actually this fruit has always been kept in the category of expensive fruits and this fruit is available only in supermarkets. Concern has also been expressed in Japan about its very expensive rate. While it has been said that how such fruits can be gifted to your loved ones. It is a tradition in Japan to gift fruits to friends and family as a token of appreciation and close ties. Japanese supermarkets often do not sell fruit that has defects or is not the right size.

No batch of fruits was found in premium grade for two years
The fruits go through a rigorous inspection process in Japan to ensure quality standards are met. The grapes are properly classified into three categories – Superior, Special Superior and Premium. To qualify as premium, the grapes have to be perfect. Reports suggest that only two batches of Roman grapes were classified as premium grade in 2021 and none qualified in 2019 and 2020.

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