March 23, 2023

Japan: Plastic pastry sold under the deception of real, shop staff apologized for unintentional mistake

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A shop in Osaka, Japan sold fake pastries to its customers
The shop workers had no idea that the pastries were fake
Apologized for the mistake, said “we are very sorry that accidentally sold the samples”

Tokyo. A shop in Osaka, Japan sold fake pastries to its customers. The name of this shop located in Osaka is Andrews Egg Tart. The shop’s employees unknowingly sold five plastic pastries to the customers. The employees had no idea that they were fake. Because in Japan, plastic food samples are made in such a way, seeing that you will not be able to guess at all whether it is real or fake.

For information, let us tell you that there is a huge industry of making plastic food samples in Japan, many million dollars come to Japan through this industry. Plastic food specimens are known in Japan as “Shokuhin Sampur”. The shops in Japan make it so realistic that it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. From drops of moisture on a cold glass of beer to a bowl full of chowmein, and not many dishes, plastic samples are ready to be decorated.

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Employees sold plastic pastries to two customers near a station in Tottori, western Japan, on Saturday, AFP reported. Customers returned counterfeit pastries after one bite. A representative of the company apologized for the mistake on Wednesday. “We are very sorry that we accidentally sold the samples,” he said. To avoid this mistake in future, stickers will be used so that genuine and fake food items can be separated.

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