March 25, 2023

Jamaica’s Prime Minister announces emergency, shocking murder figures in Kingston, know the whole matter

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Jamaica declares regional emergency
Emergency imposed on more than half of the population
Decision taken due to increasing communal violence

Kingston: In view of the increasing mass violence in Jamaica, the Prime Minister has taken a big decision. Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness has declared an ’emergency’ in view of increasing cases of gang violence and crimes. In two separate orders issued on Tuesday, a public emergency has been declared in the capital ‘Kingston’ and ‘Western Areas’. More than half of Jamaica’s population lives in these areas. After the emergency is imposed, the police can now search any building, arrest any person without warrant, can also impose curfew if needed.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said in a televised address during the imposition of the emergency that we have seen an increase in criminal activity, looting and public disorder in these areas. Because of which it has been decided to impose emergency. He said that the criminal activities that we are seeing in gangs in these areas are a matter of serious concern. Prime Minister Holness feared a spike in murders and an increase in violent crimes in the months leading up to the start of the holiday season. During his address, the Prime Minister while announcing the emergency said that this step was very necessary to control crime. After the declaration of emergency, security forces personnel were seen patrolling the streets. Security forces have also started checking operations in the emergency areas.

shocking crime statistics
According to government statistics, crimes are continuously increasing in Jamaica. Police Commissioner Antony Anderson has released shocking figures regarding the increasing violence in Jamaica. Issuing a statement on Tuesday, he said that between January 1 and November 13, 1,360 murder cases were registered in Jamaica, which is 6.8% more than the same period in 2021. Antony Anderson said that 71% of these murders were due to gang violence. He said that most violent crimes are being committed due to group violence.

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