March 23, 2023

Jaishankar viral Europe remark echo Munich Security Conference German Chancellor Olaf Scholz statement

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Munich. During the Munich Security Conference, India’s External Affairs Minister S. An old statement of Jaishankar came into limelight, in which he had said that ‘Europe needs to change its thinking’. In fact, at the conference, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz reiterated Foreign Minister S Jaishankar’s viral comment on the ‘European way of thinking’.

The German Chancellor used the reference on Friday during the Munich Security Conference when he proposed a so-called “mindset” change and said Jaishankar had made an “important point”. Scholz said, ‘This quote from the Indian foreign minister is included in this year’s Munich Security Report and if the law of the strongest prevails in international relations, then he is right that it will not be just a problem of Europe.’ He also said that it is not enough to emphasize common values ​​in Jakarta, New Delhi to be a credible European or North American.

“We have to deal with the interests and concerns of these countries in general as a basic requirement for joint action,” he said. And that’s why it was so important to me to have representatives not only from Asia, Africa and Latin America at the negotiating table at the G-Seven summit last June. Growing poverty and hunger, partly as a result of the war in Russia and the effects of climate change or COVID-19 – I was keen to work with these areas to find solutions to the biggest challenges.’

What did S Jaishankar say?
In June last year, while addressing a conference in Slovakia’s capital Bratislava, Jaishankar had said that Europe has to come out of the mindset that its problems are the problems of the whole world but the problems of the world are not the problems of Europe. Jaishankar’s statement came at a time when European countries were constantly trying to persuade India to take a tough stand against Russia over the attack on Ukraine. Their argument is that in future India may have to face similar challenges from China.

The External Affairs Minister was asked whether you think if there is any problem with China then someone will help India, if it does not help others with Ukraine. Jaishankar said that today a link is being made about this. Links are being made between the developments in China and India and the UK. He had said that whatever has happened between China and India happened long before Ukraine and China does not need to take examples from anywhere else in this regard.

Jaishankar said that Europe had kept silence on many developments in Asia. He said that our position regarding Ukraine conflict is very clear that we are in favor of immediate cessation of hostilities. Jaishankar said that many of our problems with China have nothing to do with Ukraine, nor does it have anything to do with Russia.

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