March 23, 2023

It’s called a miracle! 2 bullets hit on the head of a 3-year-old child, also attacked with a knife; still survived

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Bangkok. Jako rakhe saiyan maar sakye na koi… That is, no one can spoil the person with whom God is present. This proverb has been translated into reality by a 3 year old child from Thailand. The attacker attacked this child named Sumai with a knife. After this, 2 bullets were shot in the head of this child. Despite this, Sumai’s life was saved. This incident is from a ‘day care center’ in northeast Thailand recently. A former policeman opened fire here last week in which dozens of children and teachers were killed.

At least 36 people died in this incident. But God saved the lives of two children. One of them is Sumai. While the life of a little girl was also saved in the attack. She was sleeping with a blanket at the time of the attack. According to the Daily Star, the neurosurgeon along with the boy’s mother managed to remove the bullets from the little boy’s head. So his life was saved.

Reached the doctor at the right time
The mother of the 3-year-old said she almost “fainted” when she got the news and thought her boy had died. She said her husband had seen Sumai being taken to a paramedical before she was taken to the hospital. She told Sky News, ‘I was holding her feet in the ambulance to give her encouragement.’

former policeman attacked
Officials said the attacker, who was dismissed from the police service in a drug-related case, later committed suicide after going home and killing his wife and son. The first pictures taken by the people who reached the spot showed the bodies of small children lying in blankets on the school floor, who were resting in the afternoon. It was seen in the pictures that there were cuts and bullet marks on his head and he was covered in blood.

dead bodies all around
Video recorded by the people who reached the spot first showed rescuers entering the one-storey building, the glass door in front of the building was broken and blood was splattered on the ground. In the video, the family members of the children were seen crying outside the day care building. A photo released online showed blood-stained mattresses lying on the floor and walls decorated with colorful letters in a day care room. (with language input)

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