March 21, 2023

Italy: Youth attacked with knife in shopping center, 4 injured including football star, 1 killed

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Italy. Five people, including Arsenal footballer Pablo Mari, were attacked with a knife in a shopping center in Milan. One person died in this attack. While four people have been admitted to the hospital. The incident happened on Thursday evening. Local media reported that a stampede broke out in the Milanofiori di Assago shopping center at around 5.30 pm on Thursday. Footballer Mari’s condition is fine. But the condition of four people is said to be critical. It was believed that a total of six people were attacked. According to the report, the 46-year-old man entered a shop, took a knife from the shelves and started stabbing people.

It is being told that the customers tried to stop him. The police arrested the attacker. According to media reports, a man took a knife from the supermarket Carrefour and then randomly attacked customers, including Mari. Eyewitnesses present during the incident told that when the attacker started attacking, there was a stampede. At first we didn’t understand anything. Then after a while it came to know that a person is attacking with a knife in the shopping center. We were all scared on hearing this. We saw people running.

At the same time, Arsenal has issued a statement regarding the attack on footballer Pablo Mari. He said that we have spoken to Pablo’s agent. His condition is fine now. Are admitted to the hospital. His treatment is going on. Our condolences go out to Pablo and the other victims of that horrific incident.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 28, 2022, 01:28 IST

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