March 23, 2023

Italy: 3 killed, 4 injured in firing at meeting of apartment residents in bar

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Indiscriminate firing took place during the meeting of the people of the apartment going on in the bar.
Three people died in the firing. While four people were injured.

Rome. Italian media reported on Sunday that a man opened fire indiscriminately at a meeting of residents of an apartment block in Rome, killing three women. Initial reports said the gunman was detained after the shooting, which took place at a bar in the district of Feiden, where the meeting was taking place. According to the report, the fourth person has suffered serious injuries.

In this attack, three women, including a friend of the Prime Minister of Italy, died tragically and four people were injured. While condemning this attack, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni shared her friend’s picture on Instagram and expressed her condolences. The police arrested a 57-year-old man in connection with this attack. The other people of the apartment attacked the accused youth while trying to escape and caught him and handed him over to the police.

An eyewitness told Rai News that the suspected assailant was a local man who had several disputes with the residents’ association. Italian news agency Ansa quoted another witness as saying that the attacker entered the room and first closed the door and then started firing, threatening to kill those sitting there.

Four other people were injured in the shooting, at least one of whom has serious injuries. Meloni said the shooting range where the suspect took the gun used in the attack has been closed and is being investigated by authorities.

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