March 23, 2023

It is not easy to pass the test of driving license in China, the senses will fly away after watching the video

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China Driver license exam: Getting a driving license in any country is not easy. Every country has its own rules and regulations. You also have to pass the exam before getting the license. After the written test, you are asked to drive the vehicle as a practical. After passing all this, usually you get the green signal for the license. In India, all this is easily done, but in China, you have to roll papad fiercely for this.

A video of how you are given to drive a car for a driving license in China is going viral these days. You will get dizzy after watching the video. More than one obstacle exists here. This video has been shared by- Tansu Yegan.

winding roads
In this 48-second video, there are more than one winding path. Back and forth, right and left… there are obstacles everywhere. If you touch the white line even once, then you will not get the license. More than 40 lakh people have seen this video so far. Many people are also posting videos of their respective countries after watching this video. One user has written that that’s why the people there drive bikes rather than cars.

This is how license
By the way, there are four steps to get a driving license in China. First- Exam with 100 questions on traffic rules. Second- Parking test on the track and test for driving skills. Third- Test of 50 questions on good driving habits. And then finally the road test.

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