March 21, 2023

Islamic state khorasan terror group threatened china and taliban supporting pakistan said wait for attack

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IS Khorasan has released a new video threatening China and Taliban.
IS has told China in its new video to wait for our dangerous attack.
Threatening the Taliban, IS has said that we will kill those whom you give protection.

New Delhi. Pakistan’s support for terrorism against India is costing China and Taliban heavily. The terrorist organization IS Khorasan Province has also threatened China along with the Taliban. Terrorist organization IS Khorasan has released a 48-minute video in Pashto language. In this video, threatening the Taliban, it has been said that we will kill those whom you want to save.

The terrorist organization IS Khorasan Province was formed by Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and the old-time terrorist organization Taliban together against India. The purpose of creating this terrorist organization was to create large-scale destruction in India regarding Kashmir. This organization used to give threats to India continuously and also used to send its terrorists to create havoc in India. This terrorist organization had started spreading its roots on a large scale in India through social media.

Whenever India raised its voice against terrorist organizations in the United Nations (UN) and presented evidence on the issue of terrorism, China has imposed veto several times in favor of Pakistan, either action against terrorist organizations and their terrorists is not to be taken. Gave it or it took a long time to take action. For this reason, these terrorist organizations and their leaders continued to flourish, but now along with China, Pakistan’s support on terrorism is costing heavily to the current Taliban government of Afghanistan. Because the Bhasmasur terrorist organization which he created for India, now the same terrorist organization is threatening to destroy China and Taliban.

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Terrorist organization IS Khorasan Province has released a video of about 48 minutes. This video is in English and Pashto language. In this video, pictures of the attack on the Chinese hotel in Kabul on 12 December 2022 have also been posted. The video also has photographs of the terrorists who attacked the Chinese hotel. In this video, the Taliban have been told that we will kill those whom you give protection. Along with threatening China, it has been said to wait for our dangerous attack.
It is also interesting that in a clip of this video it has also been said that we believe in America that the soil of Afghanistan will not be allowed to be used against the neighboring countries or the world.

After the release of the video, the Taliban government has started raiding the bases of this organization and its affiliated organizations. According to the information received, the Taliban army has raided an organization associated with this organization in Kartanav area in district number PD 8 of Kabul. Where firing continues from both sides. Keep in mind that this is the organization which also attacked the Chinese hotel in Kabul. Many Chinese citizens were seriously injured in this attack on the hotel on 12 December 2022. At present, the terrorism which China and Taliban were supporting Pakistan to promote, the same terrorism is now biting them too.

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