March 25, 2023

Is the Russia-Ukraine war going to end after 10 months? Vladimir Putin made this big offer

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Moscow: President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia wanted an end to the war in Ukraine and that it would necessarily involve a diplomatic solution. Putin’s statement came at a time when US President Joe Biden hosted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the White House and promised him continued and unwavering US support. Putin said, ‘Our goal is not to continue the military conflict, but on the contrary to end this war. We will try to end it, and of course the sooner it is, the better.

Russia has consistently said it is open to talks, but Ukraine and its allies see this as a ploy by Moscow. They feel that after the defeat in many areas of Ukraine, Russia wants some time to strengthen its preparations and that is why it is eager to start the talks. Ukraine and its allies feel that Kyiv has the advantage for the time being in the 10-month war, as the Ukrainian army has freed several of its cities from Russian forces and has been able to push them back. Let us tell you that winter has started in Russia and Ukraine and it is a big challenge for both the countries to continue the war amidst snowfall.

Putin told reporters, ‘I have said many times, the intensity of hostilities causes undue harm. All armed conflicts end in one way or the other, including through diplomatic channels or through dialogue with each other. Sooner or later, in a conflict situation one of the parties has to step forward and make a compromise. The sooner those who oppose us understand this, the better. We had never ruled out this possibility. Russia says it is Ukraine that is refusing to talk. At the same time, Kyiv says that first Russia should stop the attack and vacate all the Ukrainian territories occupied by it, then talks will take place.

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