March 23, 2023

Is Russia recruiting 1 million soldiers? What is President Vladimir Putin’s message

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Signs to end the massive mobilization in the next two weeks
Within two weeks of the order of mobilization, more than 2 lakh soldiers were recruited in the army.
Looking at the mobilization, it looks like Russia is recruiting at least a million soldiers.

Moscow, The massive mobilization in Russia could end in the next two weeks. Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a message that the partial mobilization would be completed in the next two weeks. At the same time, Putin also said that Russia has no plans for now for major air strikes like this week, in which the Russian military fired more than 100 long-range missiles across Ukraine. Let us tell you that due to one defeat after another in the war, Putin had ordered mobilization three weeks ago.

2 lakh soldiers were recruited in two weeks
In the past, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had informed that within two weeks of the partial mobilization order, more than 2 lakh soldiers have been recruited in the army. After the defeat in several parts of Ukraine, Putin announced that he planned to enlist 300,000 men with previous military experience to strengthen Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, looking at two more weeks of recruitment, it seems that Russia is recruiting at least one million soldiers.

Youth leaving the country to avoid mobilization
A large number of people have left the country after the news of the army sending call letters to the youth without military experience. According to flight ticketing data from Spain-based ForwardKeys on Tuesday, there has been a 27% increase in the number of one-way flight tickets issued from Russia. Comparing bookings from September 21 to September 27, the company found that the share of one-way tickets issued has increased to 73% from 47% last week. The company said that the average departure time in the country has come down from 34 to 22 days.

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