March 28, 2023

Is Putin sick? The picture of the Russian President’s darkening hands gave strength to the rumours

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New Delhi. The health of Russian President Vladimir Putin is not good. His recent pictures are being seen on the internet in which black color and strange marks have been seen on his hands. It has been claimed that this is a mark of IV that has emerged due to taking the drug for a long time. On the other hand, Richard Danat, a retired British army officer and member of the House of Lords, said that Putin is not in good health. This has been mentioned in a report by UK-based Express.

According to reports, Lord Dante reportedly said that Putin’s hands are looking very dark from above. This black color has come due to injection and it indicates that they are not able to take injection in other parts of the body. It is interesting whether Putin is really as fit and healthy as he has been showing. This fact can be monitored. Meanwhile, US intelligence reports also suggest that Putin was thought to be suffering from cancer a few months ago. At the same time, it was also told that in March this year, the Russian President survived the deadly attack. Putin turned 70 last month and he faced the biggest challenge to save his chair due to the attack on Ukraine.

Suffering from both Parkinson’s and pancreatic cancer?
A recently released report in the Mirror, citing Kremlin spy documents, claims that Putin is suffering from both Parkinson’s and pancreatic cancer. The report said that there were rumors that the Russian President had been in ill health for several years and that a team of doctors was always with him and monitored continuously. The report said that Putin’s “skinny and persistent cough” worries his close relatives. It was said that Putin has lost weight rapidly in recent months and this could also be due to his deteriorating health. “I can confirm that Putin has been diagnosed with an early stage of Parkinson’s disease, but it is already on the rise,” the report quoted a Russian security services insider as saying.

Report of illness is old, news surfaced many times
Ever since Putin ordered his military forces to invade Ukraine on February 24, rumors have swirled about his health condition. Earlier in May, a leaked recording from a Kremlin-linked elite suggested that Putin could be seriously ill with blood cancer. He was seen ‘coughing the president and hiding in a blanket’ at Russia’s Victory Day parade in May. Since then government elites have been speculating about Putin’s deteriorating health. A report in The Independent said the Russian president had a “thick green cover over his feet” despite “relatively mild” weather during a military procession in Moscow.

Diseases of Russian leaders not disclosed
The Kremlin doesn’t have a good track record of being honest about the health of Russian leaders. A report in The Telegraph said the illnesses of past Soviet leaders, including Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov, Konstantin Chernenko and Boris Yeltsin, were not disclosed. Earlier in February, Putin forced French and German leaders to sit at the far end of a four-metre table, sparking rumors Putin feared he might contract a Covid infection. A Politico report claimed that this “extreme form” of social distancing as well as “unexplained swelling of his face” could be a sign that he may be taking steroids for an unknown medical condition.

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