March 27, 2023

Iran develop 1650 km range cruise missile paveh top commander says looking to kill donald trump

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Tehran. Iran has developed a new cruise missile, which is capable of destroying its target up to a distance of 1,650 km (1,025 mi). A top commander of the Iran Revolutionary Guard gave this information on Friday. This testing of Iran has put Western countries in worry because they fear that after Russia’s use of Iranian drones in the Ukraine war, Vladimir Putin’s army will not hesitate to use this missile against Ukraine as well.

At the same time, Amirali Hajizadeh, head of the Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force, also spoke of Iran’s revenge for the US killing of a top Iranian commander, saying, ‘We want to kill (former US President Donald) Trump.’ Hajizadeh told state TV, ‘Our cruise missile with a range of 1650 km has been included in the missile stockpile of the Islamic Republic of Iran.’ The television channel has also aired footage of the testing of Iran’s new Paveh cruise missile.

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