March 27, 2023

Indonesia papua rebels kidnapped new zealand pilot released pictures videos know what is demand

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Rebels in Indonesia’s restive Papua province have kidnapped a New Zealand pilot.
After kidnapping, the rebels have released the video of the pilot.
The rebels said that they would release the pilot only after the withdrawal of the Indonesian army from Papua.

Jakarta. Separatist rebels in Indonesia’s restive Papua province released a video of a pilot on Tuesday. It has been said in that video that they have kidnapped this New Zealand pilot. Along with the video, he also released the picture of the pilot. Christchurch’s Philip Mark Mehrtens is a pilot with Indonesian airline company Susi Air.

According to a CNN report, Philip had arrived by plane on May 7 in a village named Paro. His job was to take back 15 construction workers from here. Who are building a health center in this remote area of ​​Papua province. But before Philip could go back with the construction workers, the rebels kidnapped him. Along with this, the rebels set fire to his plane. The rebels left the five people on board the plane but they stopped Philip with them.

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In the released video, Philip can be seen surrounded among the rebels carrying rifles, spears, arrows and spears. Apart from this, he is demanding the independence of Papua from Indonesia under the pressure of the rebels. However, later the Indonesian government issued a statement saying that it would provide all possible help to Philip and he would be rescued soon.

Regional commander Muhammad Saleh Mustafa said the Indonesian government is currently adopting a soft approach to try to break the impasse. Efforts are being made to secure Philip’s release with local politicians and religious figures. At the same time, the spokesman of the rebels, while sharing pictures and videos, asked for the withdrawal of the Indonesian army from Papua. At the same time, he had threatened that if this did not happen, he would take Philip hostage for life.

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