March 25, 2023

‘India-China ahead of US-Europe in many ways…’ Russian Foreign Minister’s scathing attack on the West, said- New forces emerging in the multi-polar world

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Defense Minister of Russia said that India and China are ahead of America and European Union members in many ways
Lavrov termed BRICS as an influential organization on the global stage
More than 12 other countries are showing interest in joining BRICS: Lavrov

asmara, In a joint news conference held in Eritrea, the Defense Minister of Russia described India and China as ahead of the US and European Union members in many ways. According to a report in the news agency ANI, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke at length on the development, financial and political influence of new centers of economic power and said that China and India are already close to the United States (USA). And in many ways ahead of the members of the European Union (EU). In a scathing attack on the US, Lavrov said that the establishment of a multi-polar world was a purposeful and unstoppable process and now the collective West, including NATO and the European Union, is trying to completely reverse the process. are doing.

At the same time, he described Turkey, Egypt, the countries of the Persian Gulf, Brazil and other Latin American countries as future centers of multi-polarity, saying that these are emerging as influential and self-sufficient centers at the present time. During this, the Russian Foreign Minister also took the name of BRICS. Stating that BRICS is necessary for global multi-polarity, Lavrov said that strengthening regional identity in the developing regions of the world does not mean that multi-polarity is not happening in the global dimension. He said that this organization unites five countries, in which more than 12 other countries are showing interest to join. Let us tell you that developing relations between BRICS and other countries will be a central theme in the upcoming summit of the member countries, which is going to be held in Durban, South Africa in August.

Since 2009, BRICS leaders have convened 14 formal meetings and 9 informal meetings. In June 2009, the BRICS leaders held their first meeting in Russia, raising BRICS cooperation to the summit level. The 2021 BRICS summit was the thirteenth annual BRICS summit, hosted by India. This was the third time India hosted the BRICS summit after 2012 and 2016. It was attended by the heads of state or government of the five member countries Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

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