March 27, 2023

Huge difference between India before and after 2014: PM Modi to Indian community in Bali

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Bali. At an Indian community event in Bali, Indonesia on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that ties between India and Indonesia have remained strong in both good and difficult times. PM Modi also mentioned the severe earthquake in Indonesia in 2018 and said that we had immediately started Operation Samudra Maitri.

He said, “After coming to Indonesia, Bali, every Indian has a different feeling, a different feeling. I am also feeling the same vibration. One and a half thousand kilometers away from Bali, the festival of ‘Bali Jatra’ is being celebrated on the banks of Mahanadi in Cuttack city of India. This festival is a celebration of thousands of years of trade relations between India and Indonesia.

PM Modi said in Bali, ‘India’s talent, India’s technology, India’s innovation and India’s industry have made their mark in the world today. The big difference between India before 2014 and after 2014 is the speed and scale. Today India is working at an unprecedented speed, working on an unprecedented scale.

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PM Modi told the Indian community, ‘We often say in conversation – the world is very small. If you look at the relations between India and Indonesia, then this thing fits perfectly. The giant waves of the ocean have kept the relations between India and Indonesia as exuberant and vibrant as the waves. India is praised for its affinity, but there is no less affinity among the people of Indonesia. The last time I came to Jakarta, I felt the affection and love given by the people of Indonesia.

PM Modi, who reached Bali for the G20 summit, told the Indian community, ‘Today, in the 21st century, the world has expectations from India, India also sees those as its responsibility. Today, when India prepares the roadmap of Amritkal for its development, it also includes the economic political aspirations of the world.

He said, ‘Today, when India puts forth the vision of a self-reliant India, the spirit of Global Good is also included in it. Today, when the whole world is getting attracted towards eco-friendly and holistic health care, India’s Yoga and Ayurveda is a gift to the entire humanity. We have seen in the Corona period, India achieved self-reliance for essential resources ranging from medicines to vaccines and the whole world got its benefit. India’s capability worked as a protective shield for many countries.

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